Dutch edition

This project strand delivers for the first time a complete critical edition of the Dutch Seven Sages tradition up to 1600 and makes it accessible for a broad academic community via English and German translations.

We focus on this tradition because one of the earliest extant versions of The Seven Sages is in Dutch, and the Dutch language regions were a major centre of polyglot transmission of literature in the Middle Ages. This has remained underresearched despite sustained links to the better-known German-language literature. Our edition of the three different Dutch versions will pay particular attention to their multilinguality and point out that they were adapted not from each other but from French and Latin, and one of them was translated into German.


We will edit:

  • Vanden seven vroeden van binnen Rome: a thirteenth-century verse version with a French source
  • A prose version in a manuscript from 1470–1475 with a Latin source
  • Historie van die seven wijse mannen van Rome: a prose print edition by Gheraert Leeu from 1479 with a Latin source