Jane Bonsall

Old news, old texts, new work

We are looking ahead to a number of exciting Seven Sages related events this year, and as we do, we've been reflecting on previous gatherings and the productive conversations that emerged from them. In November of 2022, The Seven Sages Network met for an Oxford-Berlin workshop, "The Seven Sages of Rome: A Global Narrative Tradition", organised by Ida Toth (Oxford) and Jutta Eming (Berlin). We hope to continue the dialogues that this event generated, both in future conferences and in our monthly reading group!

Ox Seh 7 Sages Group Small

Pictured above: Antonia Murath (Berlin), Niko Kunkel (Konstanz), Henrike Lähnemann (Oxford), Ida Toth, Jutta Eming, Ruth von Bernuth (Chapel Hill), Emilie van Opstall (Amsterdam), and Rita Schlusemann (Berlin).